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Serving Population

We serve children from 6 months to 13 years of age.

Service Types


Evaluation of the child's sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and visual motor development.

Home-based therapy

1:1 direct service provided at the comfort of your home.

Group therapy

A group of 2-3 kids with similar goals and progress levels.


1:1 direct service provided remotely.

OT Practices Areas

fine motor - Wonders Pediatric Therapy

Fine Motor

Fine motor skills refer to precision, dexterity, and coordination of the hands. These are the skills that allow us to use our hands to manipulate materials like pencils, containers, clothing fasteners, and little objects. Areas of development like bilateral coordination, pinch and grip strength, separation of the sides of the hand, arch development, finger isolation, thumb web space, and opposition all play a role in refined use of the fingers and hands.

Gross Motor

Gross motor skills are vital for movement of one’s entire body. They affect the core areas of the body that are responsible for functions such as hand-eye coordination (involving catching, throwing etc), walking, running, skipping, sitting and standing. Gross motor skills also directly influence fine motor skills (e.g. adequate upper body support strength can affect ability to sit upright at a table or carrying a school bag), and is elemental for children to optimally perform and engage at school, home or other social and recreational activities.
gross motor - Wonders Pediatric Therapy
visual motor - Wonders Pediatric Therapy

Visual Motor

Visual motor skills allow us to take in visual information, process it, and use it to complete motor actions. Most of the time, this collection of information and interpretation happens without us even realizing it!

Sensory Integration

Well-regulated and appropriately functioning sensory systems contribute to important outcomes in the development of social-emotional, physical and motor, communication, self-care, cognitive, and adaptive skills.
sensory processing - Wonders Pediatric Therapy
self-care - Wonders Pediatric Therapy


Self-care skills, also known as activities of daily living (ADLs), play a crucial role in a child’s overall development. These include dressing, feeding, toileting, sleeping, grooming, and personal hygiene.

Handwriting Skills

How you use your fingers, hand, and arm to write words on paper.

handwriting skills - Wonders Pediatric Therapy

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