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“Wonders Pediatric Therapy believes that every individual is uniquely and wonderfully made. Our mission is to help children build their motor skills, find and use appropriate tools, and increase independence in all of their meaningful activities in life.”

Bringing Expertise to

Your Home

Serving the Contra Costa and Alameda counties. By providing occupational therapy within the child’s natural home environment, the therapist can understand the child holistically and prioritize the family’s concerns and needs. We can play at a local park or in your backyard to make therapy fun and engaging!

Interactive and Therapeutic

Interactive and


Why is in-home therapy beneficial?

No traffic or appointment hassles

Eliminating the need to travel to a clinic can make therapy more accessible and convenient for families. Therapy delivered at the comfort of your home reduces scheduling conflicts and interference to family routines.

The child’s natural environment

Being in a familiar setting can help the child feel more comfortable engaging in therapy. The therapist will also better understand the child’s needs and the home dynamics in their own natural environment.

Environmental modifications

Whether it be switching the feeding chair, setting up a quiet corner or a sensory room, the therapist can recommend modifying the environment or using adaptive equipment.

Daily routines

From feeding, toileting, dressing to climbing, jumping, and cutting, the OT can observe the child’s daily routines and help them become as independent as possible.

The child's interests

Using the child’s favorite toys and games, the OT and the child work on building foundational skills using their strengths and interests. Sessions are tailored to the specific needs and interests of the child and family.

Collaboration with family

Rather than waiting in the lobby, parents/caregivers are active participants of the sessions, learning strategies and techniques on the go, to support their child’s development on a day-to-day basis.


"Open communication"

“Debbie does an excellent job in planning and executing treatment plans for children with various developmental and learning disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Trisomy 21, general developmental delays, etc., to name a few. Debbie ensures open communication with the parents by constantly updating them on the plan of care, goals, progress, and home program recommendations.”

Occupational Therapist

"Uplifting and dependable"

“Debbie is a knowledgeable therapist who works well with all ages and diagnoses. Children respond well to Debbie as she creates fun and engaging treatment sessions while targeting specific goals. Debbie is consistent in her approach, knowledgeable in pediatric occupational therapy, uplifting and dependable.”

Occupational Therapist

"Noticeable improvements"

“[My son] looks forward to working with you every week, and we have noticed improvements in his emotional regulation since he began OT with you. As a family, we now have more strategies to help us all support one another.”

Parent, Livermore

"Relational skills"

“Debbie has great relational skills when working with children. She gives children opportunities to problem solve barriers and explore different strategies to perform tasks. She looks out for the best interest of the children and their families.”

Occupational Therapist

"Game master"

“Mrs. Yun, you are a very good game master. Thank you for letting me have fun.”

7-year-old child

"Helping hand"

“Thank you for helping [my son] with his OT needs.”

Parent, Lafayette

"taught me so much"

“You have taught me so much … the most important thing I learned from you is how to calm down.”

5-year-old child

"Wonderful Junk!"

“Look at all this wonderful junk! I loooove junk.”

8-year-old child

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